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NEW! The Panza Monologues DVD - streaming online

Rent The Panza Monologues DVD via streaming.

Most particularly for educators, we realize sharing materials with students in a era of distance-learning protocols is difficult. To provide access to our work, we offer the full performance featured on The Panza Monologues DVD through rent through streaming.  

Stream The Panza Monologues, $3.99

  • Note: in the purchase process with PayPal via the link above, you may be charged $5 for "shipping and handling." This is a peculiarity of PayPal and its processes. We will REFUND this charge to you with delivery of your stream. We apologize for the inconvenience.


DVD cover panza.jpg

The Panza Monologues streaming or on DVD features the play in performance in its entirety as performed by Virginia Grise and directed by Irma Mayorga.


Recorded in front of a sold out audience at Plaza de la Raza in East Los Angeles in 2009, the DVD also features live musical accompaniment by the super group "Los Flacasos" - Eduardo Arenas, Laura Cambrón, Alexandro Hérnandez, and Jacqueline Munguia. 


Filmed by Roberto S. Oregel and edited by Mirasol Riojas.

Running time:  1 hr. 10 mins.

(Physical) DVD Pricing Information
Purchase (a physical copy of) The Panza Monologues DVD HERE.
About our DVD prices.

On our store page, you'll notice a pricing scale for DVD purchases. Who's buying and intended use helps to determine your price. We work through the honor system. We request that you please honor our pricing scale.  

DVD cover panza.jpg
The scale.

  • Individual Use. For in home, personal use, or informal screenings among friends:  $10.00

  • Institutional Collection.

    • For purchasers buying the DVD for their Academic Departments and Programs; for professors, educators, and instructors intending to screen the video in their classrooms + personal use; for cultural institutions, community groups, or non-profit organizations intending to screen the DVD in gathered community settings: $25.00

  • Library Collection. 

    • For Institutional/Academic/ Museum/Public libraries intending to catalogue the DVD in their collections for students/professors/ patrons/public viewers:  $50.00



+ $2.50 shipping added to all orders

  • All orders for a physical DVD will be shipped via First-Class Mail and should arrive within 10-12 business days. 

  • Express shipping available upon request and with additional postal fees.

  • If you need more information for an Institutional purchase, please contact us directly.

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