Where can I get the script?


The Panza Monologues, 2nd Edition from UT Press contains the script of The Panza Monologues in its entirety. You can order a copy at UT Press or through!

The Panza Monologues no longer tours as a theater production. However, you can purchase The Panza Monologues DVD or stream the DVD online. Either way, you can view the entire performance as filmed before a live audience in 2008 in East L.A.

Collective productions


Many groups have begun staging collective productions of The Panza Monologues. The 2nd Edition of The Panza Monologues has loads of information about putting together a collective performance in your community. If you are interested in producing the play with your group, you should check out our book! Our book also provides a sample request letter to inquire about permissions and royalties to get you going. 

Bookings & appearances


If you are interested in booking us for Performance Pláticas with The Panza Monologues, readings, screenings, Panza Parties, class visits, workshops, or feature presentations? Please contact us by email for all inquiries and questions.


What's a Panza Monologues Performance Plática?


  • Part DVD screening, part live book reading (selections from The Panza Monologues, 2nd Edition read by author/s), part community discussion about body image, obesity, and underlying social inequities, and all fun, a Performance Plática brings The Panza Monologues to your community through an artist-led forum that blends teatro with conversation.