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Finally you can take teatro home with you! Share The Panza Monologues in performance on DVD with your comadres, view it in your classrooms, host community’s Telenovela meets Tupperware. This is your opportunity to plan a Panza Party – whether it’s an intimate cocktail party or a chingona panzona blowout! Be creative in how we tell and share our stories!  


*More information and advice on throwing a Panza Party available in our book!

The Panza Monologues, 2nd Edition has complete guidelines and suggestions, but here's some guidelines and good advice to get your thinking started...


Before the Party

  • Decide what kind of screening you want...a small private screening at your home or a larger, public event.

  • Find a location and pick a date.

  • Make sure you have plenty of seating for everyone and all the necessary equipment to show the DVD (a large television or projection equipment is ideal).

  • Order a copy of the DVD for screening from our Purchase Page.

  • Promote the Party! If you are hosting a private party at your house this might mean just making a couple of phone calls to friends or sending out email invites. If you are hosting a more public event at, say, a university or college, cultural center, or theater this might mean making and distributing flyers and talking to press outlets. We can send a press packet to any local press interested in covering the event. Contact us HERE.

  • If you can, you should serve food and refreshments or ask your guests to contribute and make it a panza potluck.

  • Let us know the details of your party (place, time, public, or private). If you'd like to have on of the artists from The Panza Monologues attend your party and speak with your guests, or to order DVDs to sell at the event contact us HERE. 

During the Party 


  • Have a sign-in sheet (with name and emails) for guests that want to join our mailing list.

  • Try to take pictures, that we can post on our web page!

  • If you want to sell DVDs at your party contact us about special screening packages. If not, please let your guests know they can purchase the DVD or book from our website. Be sure to tell your guests so they can bring money or checks!

  • Let your guests know that they could host their own screening. It doesnʼt have to be public – it can't be a private party with a few of their closest friends in their own home.

  • Finally, don't forget - it's a party, have fun!

After the Party


  • How'd it go? We'd love for you to drop us a note about how your screening went!   

  • Send us the names and emails of anyone that wants to join our mailing list.

  • We also encourage you and your guests to share their thoughts about the work (and any pictures you took of your event) on our blog! Contact us via email.

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