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A few of the places where our work has been featured in the media, online, or in journals.

A feature on Grise & Mayorga for the occasion of Teatro Vivo's premiere production of The Panza Monologues in Austin, Texas (premiered 2/5/15). Written by Nancy Flores:  "‘The Panza Monologues’ shares women’s stories of love, struggle"

(article also available in Spanish)



"Disfruta de los ‘Monólogos de la panza’ y Bombasta" - an article with interview of Virginia and Irma in the Austin American-Statesman


The Panza Monologues, Second Edition reviewed by Angel Curtis for Houston's OutSmart magazine



The Panza Monologues in performance discussed by Dr. Jackie Cuevas in her article  “Power to the Panza”:  Stomaching Oppression in Virginia Grise and Irma Mayorga’s The Panza Monologues;" PRAXIS, Volume 23, Number 1, SPRING 2011



The Panza Monologues on the Ms. Magazine blog by Dahlia Grossman-Heinz



The Panza Monologues, 2nd Edition was noted in the December/January 2013

issue of Latina Magazine!



"The Panza Monologues Goes Beyond the Physical" by Steve Goldstein (Radio interview on KJZZ - Phoenix Public Radio)



A review of The Panza Monologues in Theatre Journal by Karen Jean Martinson



"Power to the Panza!: Feminist Body Politics in The Panza Monologues (Video Performance Review)" by Dr. Patricia Herrera



Cal Arts Alum creates The Panza Monologues



"Panza Photo Booth Project" created by UCDavis Xicanas for their production of The Panza Monologues



Conciencia Feminil's production of The Panza Monologues



The Panza Monologues at LaCosmopolatina



Virginia Grise on The Panza Monologues on Feminist Magazine radio

(audio no longer available)



Panza thoughts on Bábara Renaud-Gónzalez's Blog



The Panza Monologues at Oregon State University



The Panza Monologues directed by Marisol Duarte-Clark at Cal State Monterey Bay



The Panza Monologues quoted on "Quotefully"



The Panza Monologues quoted on



A review of The Panza Monologues DVD on

(once here use their site search with keyword "panza")

The Panza Monologues, Second Edition featured in Latina Magazine.

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