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Written, Compiled, and Collected ​by Virginia Grise & Irma Mayorga

With stories contributed by Bárbara Renaud-González, Petra A. Mata, and María R. Salazar


Conceived of and written by Virginia Grise and Irma Mayorga, The Panza Monologues is an original solo performance piece (performed by Grise, directed & designed by Mayorga) based on women's stories about their panzas. Tú sabes - that roll of belly we all try to hide! A one-woman tour de force as told through the words of women speaking with heart stopping frankness, these stories create a journey of poignancy, humor, and revelation. The Panza Monologues boldly places the panza front and center as a symbol that reveals the lurking truths about women's thoughts, lives, loves, abuses, and lived conditions.

Power to the Panza!


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