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Permissions and Royalty Request Sample Letter

We recommend you adapt this letter as necessary and send it on your own letterhead or stationary as a pdf via email to Or contact us here.




Virginia Grise & Irma Mayorga


The Panza Monologues


Dear Virginia & Irma:


We are interested in producing a [insert the appropriate choice here from the following list]


  • staged reading of The Panza Monologues

  • fully staged production of The Panza Monologues

  • classroom-based production or reading of The Panza Monologues

  • community-based production or reading of The Panza Monologues


with/for/on behalf of [insert the name of your organization here—if applicable] at [insert name of venue/institution here]. We would like to perform the play on the following dates: [insert dates of proposed performances here].


We would like to obtain your written permission to present the play, and we also write to inquire about royalties. We are interested in [choose the most appropriate here]


(1) staging;

(2) reading;

(3) presenting


your play because we would like to [insert an explanation of your overall project here].


We also understand that any public presentation of The Panza Monologues requires a royalty fee, and we seek further communication with you for our next steps towards discussing fees.


In exchange for permissions, we also understand that you would appreciate receiving copies of any documents we produce or press generated connected to our production such as handbills, posters, email flyers, local paper news stories, or ads. We will be sure to put you on our email lists and forward these materials as they are created.


[Let us know of any other pertinent information about your plans here before you close here!]





[Your Name]

[Your Organization]

[Your mailing address]

[Your phone number]

[Your email address]


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